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3150 Beard Road,
Napa, CA 94558
(707) 255-6300)



   Our philosophy sees dental care in terms of a long term, cooperative effort at prevention and correction, aiming at providing

   the patient a lifetime of beautiful smiles, comfortable chewing, and lower dental repair expenses.


   We do progressive dentistry with a personal touch in a warm, friendly, and trustworthy environment. We use state of the art

    dental equipment and procedures such as ‘one visit’ porcelain crowns (CAD-CAM-CEREC), intra oral photography, shot free,

    painless Lumineers, and the Velscope for early detection of oral cancer


   Our office is guided by 7 simple principles:


                           Pain free 

                           Thorough treatment plans

                           Address the cause

                           Timely and complete 

                           No surprises concerning treatment and fees

                           Provide the type and quality of care we want in our own mouths 

                           Do it right the first time